Preparing For Drum Recording

Today I want to give you a couple of useful things to keep in mind when you’re preparing yourself and your drum musician for the recording session. A lots of times happens that somebody forgets something and that leads to losing a lot of time and concentration, and those two things should be directed on recording. So good preparation improves your chances for making a successful recording session.

First of all, it’s important to convince your drummer to buy a new drum heads. That is crucial, because having new ones on the drum set will give it more life and more sustain.

Further on, a drum tuning is second great thing what you can do to improve session. Ask your drummer does he/she know how to tune a drum, and if they don’t, then ask them to call somebody who knows, or you can do the same if you know someone. Tuning drums really makes difference between professional sounding drum or lifeless drum, with no power and meat.

The other option is to buy a drum tuner which measures the tension of the drum heads. It’s a small investment, considering that you’ll get a great sounding drum with it. It’s both, great investment for a drummer musician, but also for a recording engineer, to have in the studio. In that way you can help someone to get a great sounding drum on your recording session.

Also before coming to the studio, call your drummer and remind him to bring his drum sticks, drum key, and maybe an extra drum head if it’s possible, in the case of breaking another one. People like when you take good care of them.
And last thing which is very important for drummers, is monitoring. They have the biggest problem of all musicians, because their instrument is hitting so much more sound to them, then the rest of the instruments.

Because of that drummer maybe won’t be able to hear all the instruments and vocals in the mix, which presents a problem.

So don’t forget to ask if they have maybe their own headphones for the session, and if not, you need to find them a headphones which will isolate as much as possible of the external acoustics in order to provide them a good mix in their ears.

Keep this things in mind before having a recording session with your drummers.

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