Mixing With Headphones- Part 2

If you’re interested in mixing with your headphones,and you ask yourself “how should I maximize my work on headphones?”, or “how can I get the most out of my headphones?”.. Read this article. I’ll explain to you how can you get the most out of your headphones, and how should you work with them.

I wasn’t open for this kind of solution. Mixing on the headphones was the idea I simply didn’t like. When mixing with headphones, your ears get tired a lot faster. You’ll need to take more breaks when mixing on headphones. For example every half an hour would be good timing, but you’ll feel when it’s the time for taking a break.

When your ears are tired, you can have problems in long term, if doing this to your ears constantly. You could get permanent ear damage. I think that I really don’t need to say how big problem is that. Not hearing well to the end of your life. If mixing is you’re daily job, how should you work in condition like that? Take care of your ears.

In a short term, your ears are getting tired frequently, faster, and they start to building a “compressor” because they want to protect themselves from such a lot of sound coming in. And what happens? You can’t hear properly while mixing, because you lose a lot of high-end and your dynamic range falls down, so it’s hard to take proper mixing decisions. And if you don’t hear things properly, there really is no point of even doing mixing at the time.

So taking a break is really important because in that way your ears are not going to be damaged long or short term.. You’ll get them the chance to decompress and to catch a breath, and when you’ll come back, you’ll be fresh and ready for continuing with your mixing.


Thanks for being part of sound investigation!

Mihael Vrbanic

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