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Make Yourself Comfortable In Your Home Studio

In the begininnig I really didn’t pay attention on stuff which could help me to get more comfortable in the studio. It was only important for me, to get good acoustical treatment, and of course the right gear for starting out. As it is the same for probably all engineers..

And now, when I’m working a lot in the studio. I mix, master, I record myself, I practice my instruments, I give people lessons in the studio, etc.. I realized that I’m really spending a lot of my time in it, and with time, it has become monotonous enviroment for me, so I decided to make a couple of modifications, that will change my enviroment.

A very big factor, and a main reason actually, why I changed some stuff in the studio, is my own creativity. I already wrote about keeping your creativity, so check it out if you want, but I’ll mention the part which connects with this article, and it says that it’s necessary from time to time to change the enviroment that you work in.

In that way you’ll break the monotony, and it will be one of the things which will stimulate your brain, and keep it thinking.

And what changes should you make to make yourself comfortable?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Put in the things that make you feel more comfortable and better. For example, I personally like red color, so I decided to put in the red lamps. And I have a couple of motivational figures, quotes, and a couple of stuffed toys that really make me happy, and put reality a bit on the side.

Well it makes my studio more personalized. When people come in, if they know me, they’ll see that I really spend time in it. It’s not just the bare room, with everything around which gives you the cold, sterile feeling.

I hope that you get the point. Set in the good vibe in your studio. Make yourself comfortable!


Thanks for being part of sound investigation!

Mihael Vrbanic

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