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Is It Possible To Make A Radio Ready Mix In A Home Studio?

Today, I want to write about complex that bothered me for a long time. It was a big question for which I tried to find an answer.. It was hard to get the truth because people don’t want to admit it to theirselves.

I think more or less, every audio engineer gets involved in this story which says that you need more, more and more expensive gear to buy, so you could get a great sounding recording, and great sounding mix. So, people start to think like, “Oh, it’s not my fault that my mix doesn’t sound good. I just don’t have an appropriate equipment, and when I buy this preamp, this and that compressor, equalizer, it will all get better”… No! That’s not true!

I realized it, and I hope that you will to, after reading this. You don’t need to waste tons of money to buy more and more expensive gear, because it’s not about the gear. The deciding factor, the most influencing thing on how’s your mix going to sound, how good it will be, that’s YOU. It’s all about you.

The sooner you realize it, the better. I struggled for some time with it, but I proved to myself that things really work that way. I decided to use only stock plugins ( the plugins that come with my DAW ). So, you need to buy a DAW, and every DAW has it’s own stock plugins. Focus on one compressor, one eq that you’ll use for some time.

People today change their plugins all the time. They don’t give themselves time to study plugins one by one. I learned myself how to pull of a lots of different things only with one compressor or eq, but it took me a lots of time, and mixes to get it. But now I can really say that I know how does it works. Do you get the point?

Limit yourself only on one or two things and try to work with basic stuff. Only basic stuff. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive That way, you’ll get the great foundation and you’ll see that it’s all about practicing yourself. Your hearing, your instinct, and your taste.

Working on yourself. That will bring you to your radio ready mixes.

So is it possible to make a radio ready mix in your home studio?

I claim that it is. It works for me, so there’s no reason that it won’t work for you. Practice, practice, and practice on yourself, and I guarantee that you’ll see that it’s possible for you too.

Leave a comment bellow and let me know what you think. Do you think that this is true? Is it really possible to make a radio ready mix in a home studio? Do you focus to much on the gear? Now, are you going to try focusing more on yourself and not the gear?


Thanks for being part of sound investigation!

Mihael Vrbanic

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