Don’t Over Process Your Master Fader

Do you use any plugins on your mix buss? You want to make the whole mix even better over only one track and couple plugins, and save some CPU power, but you constantly are making it even worse..?

Why is that?

The most often mistake that people do, is to over process their master fader, and then they ruin the whole mix. Really, when we talk about processing something on the master fader, it’s important to remember that the little moves go a long way here.

When you decide to process anything on any group track, and especially on the master fader, then you really need to make subtle moves. You just want to make a small push which will be helpful for your mix, and improve it a bit.

It’s really a helpful thing to do for your whole mix, but you need to know what you are doing at every point of processing. If you’re not sure, then better avoid it, because you can ruin your whole mix in this way.

I definitely encourage you to practice this, because it’s very efficient and helpful for the whole mix. Also it saves you a bit of your time, and it saves your CPU power. Especially when you’re making moves on your group tracks. In that way, you’re using less plugins.

Stay sharp and concentrated while processing on the group tracks and master fader.

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Mihael Vrbanic

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