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Developing Your Personal Skills

As a recording engineer, you need to develop all kinds of a different skills, including knowledge about the gear, mic placement, acoustics of the room, you need to develop your hearing, etc.. But still, a lot of engineers forget one very important skill to work on.

It’s your personality.

Working with clients means working with people, who have different personalities, priorities, opinions, etc..

As a home studio owner, it’s your duty to make your clients feel comfortable and relaxed. If you can make that possible, then you need to know that you possess a very important skill. They are having a lots of worries and a big pressure on their back. Your clients worry about how they will perform, will the recording in the end sound the way they want it to sound. Will they use their studio time as much quality as possible. Also there are budget worries sometimes, and so on.

This things can often be stressful, but you must never bring the tension in the atmosphere of the studio while working. And if your clients are raising the tension, you always need to try to relax them and not to contribute the tension.

If you are recording different styles of music, it’s important to keep in mind that with those different styles of music, come different personality types of people. And as much as you’re different one from each other, remember that you have the same goal as they have, and vice versa. They want, and you want to make the best possible sounding recording.

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