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Buying A Computer

Buying a computer for your home studio can be frustrating and confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Would you prefer Mac or PC? If you go for PC, will you make your own configuration unit, or you will buy a finished one?

Well I want you to have a couple of things in mind, before buying a computer for your home studio.

First of all, I want to mention CPU (Central Processing Unit) which is actually the most important piece of the puzzle. The speed of your CPU determines how will your DAW run on it. So, I suggest not to save money on CPU, because you don’t want your DAW to converge while you’re working on a project.

DAW’s, plugins like compressors, equalizers, and especially reverb effects, are RAM (Random Access Memory) eaters, so you need also a lot of RAM. I would say that 8 gigabytes of RAM will serve you well. And also, don’t buy low-cost quality RAM’s because that won’t get you what you need. I would suggest to buy your RAM’s from a tested brand, in order to be sure in it’s quality.

Further on, you need two hard drives. Not one. Two. I have one hard disk on which I store all my past projects. On this drive I only have stuff which I keep, and I don’t need to run them often. That one has a large memory, and it’s a HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

On the other disk, I have my current projects, and I run them over that disk, so it’s necessary to buy a fast disk, with low searching time. You will run your projects from it, and after when you’re done, you’ll move it to the other disk, so you don’t need such a large memory on this one, but you need a fast searching time. For this purpose, I would recommend you to buy an SSD (Solid State Drive) because it can start and read faster then the HDD.

The number of the tracks that your system can run, is related to the speed of your hard drive. Faster drive gives you more tracks to run. It will help your computer to get even more stability while working with large projects.

One last thing that I would like to recommend, is to keep this computer specified only for your audio work, because if you’ll run other applications, it can ruin the stability of your computer while working on audio applications, and you don’t want that of course.

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Mihael Vrbanic

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