When Sound Investigation Studio was founded in 2015 the idea was to connect different people who create music and give their music to the world. The studio is established in Croatia which, they say, is a country of beauty and wonders. Our goal is to build into our work this particular Croatian sense of wonder. By creating and shaping wonderful pieces of music and offering them to the world we approach, step by step, the idea upon which Sound Investigation Studio is based.


Founder and director, Mihael, is a creator and a performer in the field of music, with long term experience. He spent some time attending a music academy in Vienna. Being too restless, he moved to an academy of music production in Zagreb, where he graduated in the audio engineering. For years, he has been playing jazz guitar as well as a number of other instruments in different music styles. His wish for pursuing a career in music, together with some of his ideas on how to do it, he transformed into Sound Investigation Studio.


Nowadays, SIS is getting to be much more. After years of devotion and effort-making and a number of successful projects, SIS is becoming a link between the musicians and the big world of music. The idea behind SIS is not only editing and producing the music but, also, educating new, young or not so young, musicians to enable them doing better with their ideas and work. Sometimes, amounts of expensive and (or) quality equipment do not make a guarantee for a good “mix“. That is, a “mix“ which makes and tells a story. It is our wish to be here in those moments to help you tell your story.


What does it mean, in practice? SIS is a studio for Remote Mixing & Mastering which means that it works online, i.e. it is available for cooperation with performers, composers or producers from any part of the world. Also, as mentioned, Mihael's wish is to educate or advise musicians, showing them a way to achieve quality results when recording or mixing their own creations. With this purpose a blog was established where new articles and video clips are posted weekly, with a lot of useful and free information.


I had the pleasure of collaborating with Mihael. I was really impressed with his knowledge about music as well as his working methods. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good and affordable mixer. - Denis L. from Berlin

Working with Mihael was great experience for me. We built a friendly relationship, but still, he's a serious and responsible worker. He has fulfilled my expectations, and taught me a couple of useful things. - Henry H. from Southampton